Gus moved to California in 1981 and in 1987 became a father of the first of three children. Many years and several endeavors later , he moved on to pursue Real Estate Sales.

Gus’s passion about Real Estate is personified by his 27 years in the industry that started out as a California Licensed Appraiser prior to going into full time sales in 1994. Having first hand insight into Real Estate valuations, several market cycles, and over two decades of negotiations, Gus offers a rare combination of skills that help buyers and sellers negotiate the obstacles all too common in today’s challenging transactions.

Several years into what is primarily a residential Real estate career Gus decided it was time to push the learning envelope. This resulted in the selling of new subdivisions, followed by country property sales and ultimately led to working with investors. Small multi unit sales inspired him to push even harder into sales in other parts of California that included San Francisco and Sacramento Multi Unit sales. This ultimately prepared him in participating in a 194 Multi Unit out of state sale.

Luxury Estate sales are also part of Gus’s wheel house and has a lengthy portfolio of satisfied clients. For those that know Gus well they understand that he is dedicated to accumulating knowledge in all fields of Real Estate. This earned skill set positions Gus so as to represent his clients in their best interests with the confidence that only a lengthy and diverse Real Estate Career can bring to the table.

All work and no fun? Not at all. Downhill skiing, mountain biking and early am RPM classes at his favorite gym, along with laughter with his peers and friends keep Gus exactly where he likes to be. Grounded.



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